Guest Speaker Ray Zahab

18 Nov , 2015  

Ray Zahab is a Canadian ultramarathon runner and the founder of the organization, i2P (Impossible to Possible) that came and spoke to us about all his adventures this morning. He is known for trekking long distances in different biomes around the world. He dropped out of college and started smoking (about 1-2 packs per day). His brother is a professional athlete and is a really confident person, and under his brother’s influence, Mr. Zahab decides to just start running and quits smoking. Mr. Zahab introduced to us some of his experiences and ¬†interesting stories of the adventures he has been to. He ¬†like to go on an adventure because he finds that he could learn a lot of new things of people and culture all around the world, which make him become a more open-minded person. His goal is to educate, inform and empower young adults and students from around the world that everything is possible and feasible if you put your mind to it. I like Ray Zahab’s humble, open-minded and risk-taking attitude.


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