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The Giver Reflection Questions

10 Oct , 2015  

1. Did The Giver make you think about anything in a new or different way? Explain. 

I think that The Giver made me think about the world around us. There are a lot more differences than similarities in our world, because everyone has a different life and has experienced different things. Memories are one of the many things that are different for each and everyone of us. What would life be like if everyone around us shared more or less similar memories with us? Wouldn’t it be the same as if people were duplicated to a certain range of thinking? Memories are pieces of experiences and stories that happened in the past in our lives, they drive what each of us are. I think if we didn’t have memories, we wouldn’t really be able to think about things and do stuff, we can’t live without memories.

2. Why do you think dystopian stories are so popular?

Dystopian stories really interest people. The plots and events in dystopian stories constantly cause a lot of excitement and tension. The story always makes us want to know and think about many things, it is always in some sort of cliff-hanging situation. Some of the dystopia sceneries are so different from the world that we live in right now. Dystopian stories also leads people to think and reflect on problems and issues we have in our world. Then we start to think how our world is so peaceful without all the fright and tension in our society.


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