First Eight Weeks of Humanities

6 Oct , 2015  

It has been eight weeks since school started. There were a lot of new things that we needed to adapt to. One of the new subjects in grade 7 is humanities. I think humanities is going to be an useful subject for the future (especially our jobs). Humanities is a really interesting subject because it covers both geography and history (this year). I can predict I’ll learn a lot and develop a bunch of knowledge by the end of this year. We’ve doe a summative test as well, which I’m satisfied with, I really tried my best and it turned out pretty good.

I think history is stories and events that happened in the past or in time. By learning history, we could learn lessons from the past. Evidence is crucial for learning about the past and peoples’ lives in the past. For example, a diary of someone is a type of primary source. It is a piece of evidence for knowing how people felt during an event and their opinions. ┬áTO WHAT EXTENT CAN WE TRUST HISTORY?

We’ve also done a timeline to show the major dynasties in China:

Chinese Dynasties Timeline

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