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Gr. 7 Transition Day Reflection

27 May , 2015  

Yesterday, we went down to the grade 7s for a introduction presentation session with a grade 7 teacher, Ms. Nielsen. She is a homeroom teacher, she teaches English and History. She seemed pretty nice to me. I thought that the presentation wasn’t that fun and as interactive, but it was definitely a useful presentation just to warm us up on some of the changes and new things happening in grade 7. I find that the schedule that we need to adapt to is REALLY different and confusing. We have different days that we need to follow and it rotates every 4 days, I’m sure it takes some time to adapt to, maybe a few months. I hope I can memorize it by December, so it’s more convenient. I also think that the grading system for MYP is really complicated and I’m worried about failing and getting “really poor”. Something that I like about the upper school is probably having different teachers for different subjects. We’re going to have around 8 subjects throughout the year, English, Humanities (Geography and History), Chinese, French, Music, PE, Drama and Art. However, this also means that I need to move around the school for each lesson and for every period, which also leaves more organization and responsibility to the students. I think that I might even learn better this way. I used to think that grade 7 is hard and with everything completely changing, but after the presentation, it changed how I used to felt.

I hope I can be successful in the MYP years, I’m sort of looking forward to it…

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