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Gr. 6 Spotlight Performance/ Band Peformance

19 May , 2015  

Today was the Gr.6 spotlight performance as part of the LS Festival of the Arts. Us, grade sixes had to chose an instrument in the beginning of the year, about September. The instruments include, clarinet (I have chosen it), percussion: xylophone, cymbal and drums, flutes, bass guitars, trumpets, saxophones, euphoniums and trombones. We learnt different songs throughout the year and the performance was like a showcase of the skills in music we’ve learnt in the past year. We did 2 performance in total. For each of the performance, we performed a total of 9 songs, in 40 mins, which required a lot of concentration and effort behind it to make it happen.

It was a really great experience for me, especially for doing a solo of the variations on Ode to Joy and joining the special band (performing an extra of 2 songs). When doing my solo, I was really nervous and not confident when facing teachers, other lower school students and parents. In the first show, I was so afraid that I was going to mess up everything and got the order wrong, but after all I thought I did really well and I kept all my nervousness down. On the second show, I was much more confident and I thought that I performed even better. My mom said that she was really proud of me after the show. This band performance was a very memorable experience that I think I wouldn’t forget, I’m really proud of my achievements.

Here are some photos of the performance:

IMG_1020 IMG_1030 unnamed

The video for the entire performance:

Click HERE to see

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