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Some More Work (Exhibition Reflection #33)

22 Apr , 2015  

Today, I managed my time really well.  I got a few things that needed to be done at school. What I’m now really focusing on is the self-reflection sheet (that Mrs. Miller gave me), process journal organization(categorizing my work into the essential elements of PYP and the ATL skills), going through my work to practice what I’m going to say and lastly, my final product explanation. Some of the work that’s not mentioned above is also due tomorrow as well. For others, my goal is to get them all done by tomorrow (maybe even for homework) since I only have setup time on Thursday for the 1st 2 periods and I need to start exhibiting/presenting my work after recess.

That is pretty much it. Also, I’m going to get my T-shirts that I’m going to wear on Thursday and Friday tomorrow. I’m very excited because the shirt is magenta (purple is my favourite colour), but I heard the design isn’t that good… Anyways, we also took a look at our banners and it looked really nice, I loved it. Other groups are complaining that the word in their central idea is missing a ‘g” or something, so I’m glad that we can’t find any mistakes so far. Ms. Tan came in and show us how to put the banners up and I find it very easy, except for the higher hooks, I need to use a chair because it’s really high (around 2m). The QR code and the website also works, so I hope everything goes successfully in the exhibition. Everything is going well on this stage and I’m glad.

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