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It’s Tomorrow Night!! (Exhibition Reflection#34)

22 Apr , 2015  

There is one more day left until the exhibition, I’m so excited, but also a bit nervous at the same time. I’ve done all the work that I need to do which I’m very happy about that. Tonight, I’m just going to practice over and over again the possible things that I’m going to say and go over all the work that I’ve done to see if I’ve missed anything. Today has been a productive day, on Thursday and Friday I would be really busy and it’s going to be really crazy.

Today, we took a look at our area that we are going to exhibit our work. I am very satisfied, because we are the 1st booth that the audience will see when they come in to the LLAC and we also have a lot of space to put our work. At first, I was really confused and I don’t know the exact spot that we’re meant to be in. We were at the wrong booth! Tomorrow morning we are going to setup and get everything ready, so can’t wait for that. Now, I just hope that nothing wrong is going to happen tomorrow during setup time and everything is going to go successfully. We also got our exhibition T-shirts and I really liked them, except I need to wear my skirt (school uniform) for the bottom part which doesn’t really match together.

Another thing is that I changed my mind for the action that I’m going to do. Instead of volunteering to bring some of the less fortunate kids to go around HK, I decided to just teach my 2 younger cousins how to take photos and the proper skills of using a camera. I am planning to do that next weekend, but it still has to be confirmed by their parents. I’m just going to teach them focus and flash (lighting) in auto mode, because it’s easier for them since they’re still the beginners.

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