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Almost There… (Exhibition Reflection #32)

20 Apr , 2015  

Thursday is the time we start to exhibit our work, which means there’re 3 more days left until the actual exhibition. I’m not that nervous as expected to present/exhibit my work/explain it to students, parents and teachers. However, I’m not sure what questions my audience is going to ask and I might not be prepared for that. I also think that if I actually did all the work and learnt something out of the entire exhibition, I should be able to manage and answer the questions. If I couldn’t answer the question, then I’ll probably say something like I’m not too sure about that, I don’t know the answer to the question or make it up on the spot. Today 6E wrote down a list of questions that the audience might ask and I jot down a few notes that might apply to me and that I could use to answer the questions. I’m not going to read it off on the sheet, it’s just a reminder of possible things that I might say. Today, I printed out most of the things from the Google Doc and filed it in my process journal, I typed up the explanations for each of my photograph, worked on the website for our group and also categorized my reflections to the work that I’ve done in my process journal.   I finally finished my final product, I’m so happy about it. Some groups are still working on their final products. So far, I still have some other things to do, like researching on my action that I’m going to do and getting it confirmed, organizing my process journal, and doing the explanations for my final product. I’m happy about my progress and I know I can get all of the things listed above done by the latest, Thursday.

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