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Working on the Final Product (Exhibition Reflection #31)

18 Apr , 2015  


Today, my main focus is on my final product. I thought me and my group was behind this week because I used most of the time planning and measuring things so that my photographs will fit the book, but some other groups still haven’t started their final product, most are in the same stage as our group and others are already done.

I got 4 periods to work on exhibition today, I wouldn’t say I didn’t used my time effectively, but I could’ve used it better. I helped Kylie and Audrey on some parts of their final product, asked people their opinion on the photos that I should put in my scrapbook and finishing off some other work that needs to be done today.

I can’t wait till exhibiting on next Thursday and Friday. I’m a bit nervous about it and I’m not sure if I’m well prepared for it or not. I don’t really know what to do, what to say or how to answer people’s questions yet, which means I need to figure it out next week (Monday and Tuesday). However, I spent a lot of time working on exhibition and I hope the work that I’ve done would end up in something good and that I’m proud of.

I still need to finish off my final product this weekend (taking a few more photos and printing them, writing up all the remaining explanations and doing the final pasting/decorations). I also need to categorize work for each reflection that I’ve printed out, organizing my process journal and then doing more research on the action that I’ll take. Next week, I need to finish the explanation of my final product, go through all my work to see what I can possibly say, printing-out emails and trying to connect some of my work to the skills and knowledge I’ve developed, the key concepts, central idea and line of inquiry.

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