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Most Things are Due Tomorrow… (Exhibition Reflection #30)

18 Apr , 2015  

Today I did quite a lot of work and finished some of the work that’s due tomorrow. I started answering and reflecting on the LOI plus the central idea, I need to plan to finish that today and I’m going to work on it straight after my reflection is done. I also did the cover page and started an explanation for my scrapbook, which I’m really satisfied on. I know it doesn’t sound like I did that much, but I put a lot of effort into doing it. I’m getting a bit more confident on getting work done on time, but I’m starting to get stressed. I’m not extremely stressed, but I’m in the middle of normal and stressed. It’s just too much work on different areas and we need to do it in 1 week time, so it’s a rush for me.

I’m doing well with my final product. I’ve started choosing photographs that I would possibly use in my scrapbook. Mrs. Ferrari took a look at the photos, she said that I should choose the ones that are really impressive and has the “wow factor”, she also pointed out that a few of them are like photos that I could take before the inquiry. I still have to continue working on my final product tomorrow and this weekend, in order to make sure that I’m going to be able to finish my product on Monday. I still need to ask my mom and Andrea (my friend) on their opinion about the photographs that I’m going to put in my scrapbook.

My main focus tomorrow is going to be my final product. I’ll spend 3 periods on the final product and 1 period on organization, finishing up things that’s due and improving on the photo critique photos etc. I hope I get the things that I need to get done tomorrow.


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