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Improving my Photographs (Exhibition Reflection #28)

15 Apr , 2015  

Yesterday, I used some of the old experimentation photographs that I took for the critiquing exercise. Thus, I decided to retake and improve the photographs. I took photographs of the same thing(markers) and realized there are many different ways to take photographs of the same thing, from which I made a connection of that there are many solutions to a problem and there are many angles/perspective on the same topic. I was mainly testing out different ways that I can improve . I can see some improvements on the photographs after I’ve developed all the skills and knowledge. I thought this was a great way to see and showed how my knowledge and skills on photography that has developed over time.

Tonight, I’m going to go to the peak and take some more photos about global interaction. This morning, I did some research on taking cityscape in night scenes, so now I have a brief idea of what photos I’m going to take and the settings thatI could use to take the photos to be more efficient. Overall, I’m doing good with taking photos, but I still need some more shots and photographs that I’m going to take ┬áduring this weekend. That also means that I’m not going to be able to finish my final product on Friday and I need to tell Mrs. Ferrari about that.

I’m doing well with completing work that I need to do, which I’m happy about. However, I’m still not so sure if I can finish everything in time…

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