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One Week and a Half Left… (Exhibition Reflection #27)

13 Apr , 2015  

Ugh… There is still 7 school days left until the exhibition. I am not near finishing our inquiry, but I’m glad that there’s no Chinese for these 2 weeks, it means less homework and more time working on exhibition work. I think our group needs to share our progress every single day so then we have a clearer idea of what we’re meant to do and the things that we need to do.

During the Easter holidays, I went to Central (Soho, Mid-levels, Lan Kwai Fong and Hollywood Road) to start taking photos of globalization and people of different culture ¬†interacting together. I also brainstormed possible photographs that I could take to demonstrate positive and negative impacts of globalization. I was pretty satisfied with my progress then, but now, there’s a lot to do and I’m not so sure about my progress.

Today, our group discussed the ideas we have in our head so far about the final product. We also started planning and we are going to start our final product tomorrow. We need to finish summarizing our research into detailed paragraphs (we’ve done most of that, 1 or 2 paragraphs left to write), we need to do a reflection and explain what we think about the central idea, we need to connect information and ideas together, etc… This is a lot of work that our group and I need to do, so I think making a to-do list everyday would help. I think that I need to finish something every single day to be able to stay on track.

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