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Experimentation and Mentor Meeting (Exhibition Reflection #26)

5 Apr , 2015  

This morning, Kylie and I did an experimentation on taking photos of people and how different people from around the world interact, which shows global interaction (our enduring understanding that we’re focusing on). We took photos of reception and pre-reception kids, adults, teens etc. We decided to take photos of people because we’ve never really found information and experimented on photography with people (natural).

We also had our mentor meeting today. I think our mentor that our group has doesn’t really know what his role is and the purpose of the mentor meetings. First, he doesn’t give us that much advice on what we can possibly do and that’s sort of what a mentor is supposed to do. Secondly, he texts on his phone during the mentor meeting. I have a feeling that he’s not respect us nor the meeting at all. I have to admit, sometimes we do something else on the computer during our mentor meeting, but it’s all exhibition related things. Thirdly, the things he mentioned or pointed out are things that we already knew. If that’s the case, why do we need a mentor meeting? It’s wasting 2 periods (80 mins) of our working time. Most groups have their mentor meeting for about only 20-40 mins, so I don’t get why our meeting is about a hour long, even though it’s not that useful and effective.

Mrs. Ferrari also checked our research and student planner today. Since I wasn’t there, Kylie told me what she said. Kylie and I sometimes thought that we’re behind schedule and a bit off track, but in fact we’re actually pretty much on the same stage as most groups. We’ve caught up (from before) a lot this week, which is a great thing so we can start straight on our final product after Easter break. I don’t know why I always felt like we’e really behind this week and there’s a lot to do, ┬áit’s weird.

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