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Making Progress (Exhibition Reflection #25)

2 Apr , 2015  

Today, Kylie and I did more research and experiments. By the way, everything went back to normal today, I have no idea what was wrong yesterday, but we continued working like we did before the mini “conflict” we had. Anyways, we divided our time into 2 sections, 1 dedicated to research and the other to experimenting with the backlit affect. The backlit experimentation kind of failed, because of a few reasons. One, the sun wasn’t bright enough to make our hair look like it’s glowing (but we kind of did something similar). Two, we weren’t well prepared and we needed sometime to just figure things out and set the correct aperture, shutter speed and adjusting the exposure meter.

I think we’ve caught up a lot compared to the beginning of the week (I was not confident at all) and now I think we’re pretty much on the same stage as other groups. However, we still have some bits and pieces from the documents that we need to fill out, but that’s not that time time consuming and hard. Tomorrow, we are going to check in with Mrs. Ferrari on our student planner and research so far, I think we are ready to go. Though I am still feeling a bit stressed, I would spend ┬ámore time experimenting and taking photos around HK during the Easter holidays. I’m also going to start taking photos for my final product. I need to take a break from all the typing and work that I’ve done this week!…

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