Thinking About my Digital Literacy

3 Mar , 2015  

The first part of the digital learning table is planning. I think I’m about level 2 for the logo competition, which is “focusing”. Next time, I need to add more details to my plan (size, dimensions etc.).

The second part is adaptability. I think I’m about level 2-3 (Focusing and Extending), because I can take a new feature from (Illustrator) and find images from the internet as a sample and create my own drawings.

The third part is organizing the information. I don’t have any evidence on my blog now, but I think I am at level 2 (close to 3) for this, because the only part that I don’t constantly do is referencing.

The fourth part is the product. I think I’m on level 2 for this. I met the requirements for my exhibition logo, but I didn’t do anything further on to improve my logo because I needed more time to do it and my teacher didn’t remind us as well.

The fifth part is being able to problem solve. I’m on level 2 for being able solve problems. First I try to figure it out by myself, then I ask my friends and/or people around me, if I still can’t solve the problem, I’ll search it up on the internet to try to solve the problem.

The sixth part is to be able to connect. WE STILL DON’T HAVE ANY EVIDENCE FOR THIS YET.

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