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Writing Prompt#3- Should Cities Offer Free Wifi?

22 Jan , 2015  



Wifi has now become an important part of our lives. Nowadays,  almost everyone around the world uses it every single day in their daily lives. It has definitely made human lives more convenient by providing wireless network in different places. I personally think that wifi is crucial in the world because of the huge internet and online usage of people and the advanced of technology. If Hong Kong decides to offer free public wifi at any times without restrictions, I would be really pleased and glad, so I thinks it’s a quite a good idea.

The internet can create endless possibilities and what allows us to be able to connect to the internet wireless? Wifi! First, with the internet, you could connect with friends, relatives and families with social medias or direct messaging apps. Imagine if there’s wifi when you’re just traveling around the city, you could share interesting images and thoughts through the different medias immediately! When traveling, you are in extreme need of wifi! For example, if you got lost, you could just easily use GPS devices to guide you the way from one point to another. Also when you’re traveling, if you have free wifi, you could easily find recommendations of restaurants and places near by your current location to have a rest and continue with your trip afterwards. How convenient is that! Another advantage of having wifi is that people could work anywhere in all times to complete an urgent job through Cloud platforms, chats/video calls, emails and online documents and I bet you need wifi in this situation!

However, I have to admit that there are negative parts of having free, public wifi. It costs a lot of money to be able to develop a safe and efficient wifi network for the city. If the government is too focused on throwing in money on having free wifi for the city but forget about other issues around the city, that wouldn’t be good as well.  It is also really risky to have free wifi for the city because of security problems. Nowadays, hackers from other places could just hack in to network easily and steal user’s personal information. Apparently, lack of security is a key issue for building up a secure wireless network, governments should make sure that there is enough security controls before allowing free wifi around the city. Good security controls are time-consuming to develop. For convenience and efficiency that’s why many people could’ve just bought a 3G or 4G plan instead of using the city’s free wifi network.

To sum up, I personally agree with having free wifi for important cities around the world. There are pros to having free wifi and cons to having it, let’s not do anything now and wait till there’s a more advanced technology and security system in the future so that it’s safer to use the wifi network. This way, we can prevent any unexpected issues. In my personal opinion, I think that having free wifi in different cities would be really common in the near future and I bet sooner or later, most cities in the world would have free wifi for the public to use.

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