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Writing Prompt- After the Plane Crash

9 Jan , 2015  


I felt very uncomfortable, being lightheaded, drowsy, dizzy and weird. As I opened up my eyes, I found that I was in an unknown place, a place that no one was been seen and nothing much that’s around me. Now, I think I’m fully awake. First, I saw this big white object in a distance, what was that? There were waist-high flowers growing everywhere and made this place look remote and terrifying. Where am I? How did I end up being here? Endless questions started floating in my head. Oh no! I seem to forget about things that happened before and somehow I ended at this unknown land.

I began walking towards the white object, maybe that’s where I could find my answers to my questions. My stomach was starting to grumble, I was hungry and thirsty, there were only flowers around and a few birds chirping. I tried and tried to think of what had happened, but I just couldn’t! This place was endless, I had no sense of direction, it took me forever when I finally saw the white thing. The white, big object that I saw was actually an airplane. I walked around it, it was a Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 airplane, the one that disappeared somewhere in March, 2014. Now I knew that I was probably in a forbidden island that no one lives in or place somewhere in Earth or maybe even in outer space. I went in the airplane, no one was in there, except I found water, in fact there was actually quite a lot of water.

Days and nights passed by, I still couldn’t recover my memory. I was now literally starving to death, the water that I found helped me a lot, but now I was slowly running out of water. Until one day, I felt really ill and afterwards I had no feeling, I didn’t know what happened to me afterwards.



**This word carving story was found on the Sablahalara Island in the Pacific Ocean. Rumors are now around that this island, recently discovered by billionaire, Mr. Robert Muchos was once a place that people lived in. However, there were no signs of dead bodies, a community structure or the Airplane from the above story around this place. Zuri.Z is believed to be dead now according to her story.**

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