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Day 10 Reflection- Christmas Class Party

17 Dec , 2014  

Yesterday was our Christmas class party! It was a really fun time (2 periods) and full of awesome activities that all of us enjoyed.The purpose of the party was a reward to all the great work we’ve done so far in grade 6. We had some some junk food (chips, pretzels, chocolate, fruit), sodas and juices.

First, we made our own Oreo reindeer pops with antlers, a red nose(edible), some eyes and colourful X’mas theme/colour sprinkles (Picture Bellow). We first took an Oreo and put some vanilla buttercream in the middle to make the 2 biscuits stick well together. Next we dipped it into warm chocolate fondue (yum!). Afterwards, we took the skewer and pretzels and stuck it in the rich cream and decorated it with different things.

Next, we played a teen trivia game. The class was divided into 3 groups, the Reindeers(us!), the Snow People and the Elves. After 15 questions, there was a tie between the reindeers and the snow people, so we did extra questions. However, we all got the correct answers for all of the 3 questions, so the mums decided that there was definitely a tie winner! The prize for the winners was a candy cane.

Everyone loved and enjoyed the party. Class moms: Thanks so much for organizing such an exciting and jammed-pack party for us, 6E!!! We all wanted to continue to party, but unfortunately, we needed to go to Chinese and some of us had a test…:( I think I got sugar-rushed because my cheeks were blushing, I was really hyper and active during the test and I drunk half of the water in my water bottle during the test….. ooooooppss!

Here are 3 of my chocolate reindeers!:

Photo on 16-12-14 at 12.38


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