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Today, we had a trial of using map engines(similar to Google Maps, but you can pin down ANY spots). It is a very good source to mark locations and routes. We can change the icon of the pin to most of the shapes(transport, sports and services), can also add pictures and descriptions to each location.

We started off by locating the school, our home, some cool places around Hong Kong and places that we usually go to. I can tell that everyone is happy about using this new tool to help our learning on this public spaces unit.

It is a very easy tool to use, I learnt how to use it straight away. It is a useful tool for planning a road trip/holiday, keeping track of routes to different locations and building your own maps for daily purposes. However, if I were to improve something about Map Engines, I would say that they should allow us to customize our own icons and change the colors of the “More Icons” icons.

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