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Last Day of ISTA

19 Nov , 2014  

Today is the last day of ISTA, time pasted so fast! In the morning, we started off with 2 games in our ensembles and had a chat together to share our favorite things in the whole festival or give someone a compliment. Afterwards, we performed our skits from yesterday having all the lights off in the classroom and using colorful- lighted torches to make our acts stand out. Later, we used the idea of museums and all of us had to contribute something to the museum, this was also a part of the sharing in the afternoon with our parents. Me and Charlotte created a colorful collage of posted notes, in each posted note, we wrote different opinion’s of students and teachers of the sentence “If someone did_____________ (for me), they would be my superhero.” (The same sentence from yesterday’s post) .

We also got our very own ISTA T-shirt and we all changed into it. All of our shirts were a little too big, because we didn’t know our accurate sizes;some of them were like skirts instead of shirts.

This afternoon, we shared all our hard work from these few days to our parents. The whole grade performed something different, our group/ensemble did the museum presentation and a power routine that our ISTA Artist taught us. Other performances were AMAZING and entertaining, but ours are pretty short and serious, but I think it was the most unique one out of the other performances.

Overall, I thought the whole ISTA Festival was a unforgettable experience for me. It made me think about myself deeply.  We also had fun when learning about the different performing arts skills. I enjoyed and loved most parts of the festival.



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