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First Day of ISTA

17 Nov , 2014  




ISTA is an organization that come from UK which mainly focus  on theatre and performing arts. They value “diversity and collaboration, celebration and play, friendship and collegiality.”

For today, tomorrow and Wednesday, we will be working with the ISTA team. Today, we started off by learning some rules and regulations of the whole programme. Afterwards, we went into different groups with students  from different classes in the grade and we have an ISTA artist leading us. In the morning, we started off with introductions, playing a couple of fun group games and an overview of what we are going to do for the next 3 days. Our theme for this festival is SUPER HEROS. Throughout the day, we collaborated together in smaller groups to brainstorm ideas of superpowers that a superhero has, coming up with stories and scenes from different ideas, presenting our work to the group and understanding more about the different elements of performing arts.

At first, I was pretty nervous and confused, but later on the day, I was enjoying myself and felt really excited as we’re building up and making our performances. Today I learn more on how to be able to collaborate and cooperate with others in group activities, making our creative ideas into actions and discovers some elements of performing arts(drama, signing, acting etc.)


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