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An Aspect of Power: Pope Francis

9 Oct , 2014  

TASK: For this Unit of Inquiry, we are inquiring into how and why the use of power has consequences. For the Independent Inquiry in this unit, we were to choose a person, organization or an activity that is happening around the society. We also needed to write out our prior knowledge about this person and how it contracts with power. We could also include how did the person got power and how did the person use he’s/her power (negative or positive) in our prior knowledge. Lastly, we needed to form questions about our inquiry and to research and find out about more.

WHO I CHOOSE: I decided to choose Pope Francis.


– A pope in a Cathedral Church in Vatican

– From Argentina

– One of the most powerful popes around the world

– Builds bridges with people who have different race, background and cultures (Appreciates people with different cultures)

–  He supports gay people and the right for them to get married

– Nice, wise, friendly, positive and caring person


– How did he get his power?

– What opportunities is Pope Francis trying to create?

– How did the changes he made affect the relationships between people?

– How did his power change other’s opportunities and perspectives?

– Did his power affect in any consequences? Why?

Finding out:

Click here to see my research notes

Final Presentation:

Click here to see my presentation to see how I organized all my notes and transformed it into a presentation


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