Grade 8 Innovation Day (Takeaways & Feedback)

Innovation Day is an entire school day dedicated to solving a design challenge. This year’s challenge was to design a modern learning space for the area by the 6th floor cafeteria. We designed solutions in a teams 4: one Techpert, one Creative, one Facilitator and one Communicator. (I was the Techpert in the team.)

I used to think a modern learning space was a space equipped with futuristic, high-end technology. I envisioned a VR set for each student, all learning in the virtual environments. I pictured students interacting with holograms to create digital blueprints. After completing this challenge, however, I now think a modern learning space is not necessarily about expensive equipment, it’s more about the atmosphere. The environment should have a light, relaxed and productive ambience and the space should foster creativity in each innovator that walks through its doors. A quietly bustling community of designers, a peaceful zone buzzing with ideas, the smiles of the students lighting up the room.

The biggest takeaway from Grade 8 Innovation Day was that even though you may have a certain set role in the team, in my case, Techpert, it does not mean you cannot help the other members with their tasks and their jobs. I realised because today, I helped all three of my other teammates with tasks that had practically no relation to the tasks of the Techpert. Creative: I helped design the solution. Facilitator: I worked with the Facilitator to clear up misunderstandings. Communicator: I lead the presentation.

As mentioned before, we each assigned ourselves roles within the team. These roles would most likely be beneficial in regards to work delegation in a larger project, however, since this was a smaller project, it was not necessary. The main tasks to work on were creating the actual design and preparing the presentation, which required all of the team members to collaborate on.

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