Fraction math review

5B are learning Fraction for some time. I understand some, but not everything.

smile  : )

G5 Camp!!!

G5  went to Camp. My favorite activity was the dragonfly challenge. Our group was called The fluffy dragonflyers. We also went kayaking, It was awesome except one time we kind of lost are paddles and were stranded in the middle of the ocean. But we are okay now. The next day We also did Archery, And I got one  yellow YAY ! Rock climbing was awesome 2 !!!


Over all Camp was really fun : )   Also  In Cubs ( Scouts ) We went camping some more this year! So thats double the camp fun : ) ! YAY


2013 is ending soon, and 2014 is coming. Almost everyone has there best accomplishment for 2013. Well now I am going to tell you my best accomplishment for 2013 .My first accomplishment  is I passed my gymnastic test so. My second accomplishment is I wrote a book, well i didn’t finished my book yet but i could finished it soon. And last of all my accomplishment  is I finally learned some of the basic codes for the computer. So that is my accomplishment 2013!

Turtle art

Turtle art is this program we used in school. There is a turtle in the middle of the scree, you use commands on the screen to move the turtl. The turtle is like a piece of chalk, so when it moves it leaves a line, where you ask it to go. So you just use codes to move it!

Conrad hotel

We went to the Conrad hotel yesterday. We learned how they governed their hotel and everything. One of the most mention skills was team work, and being nice to each other and respect .

My First JavaScript

hello how are you.

math strategies

This type is lattice.

This is traditional form.



Welcome to my blog

Hello Welcome to my school blog. hope you like it.


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