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        The Central Idea: Public spaces provide people with opportunities, to make connections and establish a sense of community!


Inquiry into :

-different types of public spaces within a community

-How public spaces are designed to meet a purpose

-How people use public spaces to connect 

Concept:  Form ,Function, Connection,


Knowledge: How we organize ourselves



Public spaces

Photo on 2-12-14 at 12.34 pm

This unit we’re doing public spaces! At first we had to draw what we thought was a good public space Mines has a big grass filed where you can do whatever you want! Theres also some benches aside for you to sit on when tiread and a couple of trees CAUSE NATURE IS AWESOME! Theres a parking area beside so you don’t have to go to far and theres also a food place nere by so if your hungry you have somewhere to go. In case you don’t have money theres a ATM machine to get cash! Also theres a bathroom if you need it and a computer lounge which comes in handy! Theres a track beside for walking or skatebarding and stuff. 😀



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