Service As Action – Post 2019

1. How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?
One of the volunteer work I do is tutoring Refugee children. I learnt how to deal with kids at a young age in order to help tutor them. This would often require the use of the IB learner principles, such as communications, being open-minded and taking risks embracing new forms of teaching. This made me more aware of my own strengths by teaching me how I could better communicate to a younger audience group, specifically the Refugee children. I also found areas of growth, for example in addition to tutoring refugees, I also consistently weekly cook in Chung King Mansion for refugees in HK. I conducted an interview with one of the asylum seekers, implementing the IB skills of being an inquirer, open minded, knowledge and communicator, And gained some insight into their issues, and what living like them may be like. Overall, this would be the issue that I deeply care about now, which is why I have been striving to expand my knowledge mostly of this topic.

2. How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?
I was volunteered to help with the charity event ‘The Mother’s Choice Gala’ in year 2018 and 2019, which is a huge auction event in HK in which many top CEOs or connections would go and auction for items. Here I initiated to sell raffle tickets for auction prizes, and for each year ended up gaining a average of 80,000 HKD per night myself through volunteer raffle ticket selling- all money going straight to Mother’s Choice. This taught me how to further to challenge myself, as I had to be reliant upon my own skills to sell the raffles, and approach strangers in the cocktail waiting for hall, or dining gala place. These were areas I was not once as familiar with (approaching strangers), so I feel I challenged and stretched myself in this area, in order to help for a good cause.

3. How did you discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities?
Ever since last year I have been working a part time job helping as an assistant coach for our CDNIS inline skating ASA. Prior to being asked to do this job, I had participated in this ASA when I was younger, moving onto inline hockey, then our school’s ball hockey team. and have done 7 years of skating (now currently doing figure skating.). I am able to share my knowledge of sports with my peers and the younger generation by helping them develop. This required a lot of self-initiation, as I would often think of lesson plans, or when doing drills with the kids would look at which skating skills they would need to work on, and devise better skills to improve them. (I also tried to implement some creativity into my teaching.). For example, I also do gymnastics, and as of recently, I have learnt how to do cartwheels and tricks like this in inline skates. (Although going straight to kartwheel is a big jump for kids). I am testing to teach them more acrobatic skating form, including jumping over blocks, or balancing on one leg for a skate. I believe this ignites further love for this sport as we challenge ourselves creativity, and is better for them to interdispliany into other areas, when they master skating.

4. How did you persevere in action?
In G9 for experience week I signed up to go to Laos, which was marked as one of the most volunteer heavy experience week trips. The whole trip evolved around meeting kids in the Laos village, and teaching them playing games with them, btu also helping build toilets for this school. Ater going to this country, I was exposed to some of the horrid environments they may have to live up and get educated in. In a school for over 500 students, there may only be 4 toilets working. I even went to look at the areas and was shocked at the lack of quat they had. We were helping them build a whole toler stall hut, so we were required to dig many holes, fill them with cement, build structuring barb wires, etc. My friend and I worked hard in digging, even when we felt tired, because the outcome we knew it was going to benefit was enough to motivate us, especially when being placed into the shoes and environment of those children.

5. How did you work collaboratively with others?
I am passionate about many issues in the world. Some of them being the local and global refugee crisis, in addition to global warming, I managed to share my insight into these refugee issues though . prevent rotation in m civics class that was 5 minutes long. Through this experience I managed to share my knowledge with others and also how I had worked collaboratively with others in these areas. Often in cook ous for cooking for the refugees we would need to work in teams, and be timely efficient. While I was peeling the potatoes, my friend may be cutting the fat off the chicken, thus allowing a balance of skills, a dn will enable u to work c o,abbritly it hese task t manage out time. In Addition, I’m thinking of difference medium and ways I can share my areas of passion. I have recently joined as a youth reporter for the SOuth China Morning Post, and receive free tickets to a ed sheeran concert to write a review for them. Although this lies more in the pop culture area, I am hoping so suing this power to wirete more aboout Refugee, Global earming, or any other issues some one may believe deserves exposure or spreading too.

6. How did you develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding?
Through many experience week trips, I was placed in countries that I was very unfamiliar with and their daily routines. For example, when I went to Laos, I discovered through my phone say that they had to toilets and only had a hole in the ground and had to use a bucket to flush. I was shocked at the imposhive conscious us this, which aren’t motivated me to help their community by helping the bold e.g. abridge across their school rover and toilers for school infrastructure.

7. How did you consider the ethical implications of your actions?
I recently began getting aware of my own carbon footprint. I learnt a bit about how carbon dioxide can be emitted from machinery, and thus cause greenhouse gases to our atmosphere and lead to global warming. For example, now I am striving to use refusable straw is in my drinks to avoid waste of plastic. I am always planning on allowing stargeries to reduce the waste of electricity, food and water. Thus in order to do my part to help solve he v=virtual issues.


☁️sleep☁️ because I had trouble falling asleep, these past few months I’ve used the app “Headspace” which has been incredibly useful in helping sleep !
I also made my own format tracker to track my sleep😽 #sleep #sleeptracker #health #fitness #diy via Instagram https://ift.tt/2H8LELH

☁️sleep☁️ because I had trouble falling asleep, these past few months I’ve used the app “Headspace” which has been incredibly useful in helping sleep ! I also made my own format tracker to track my sleep😽 #sleep #sleeptracker #health #fitness #diy

View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2H8LELH

☁️sleep☁️ because I had trouble falling asleep, these past few months I’ve used the app “Headspace” which has been incredibly useful in helping sleep ! I also made my own format tracker to track my sleep😽 #sleep #sleeptracker #health #fitness #diy

☁️sleep☁️ because I had trouble falling asleep, these past few months I’ve used the app “Headspace” which has been incredibly useful in helping sleep !
I also made my own format tracker to track my sleep😽 #sleep #sleeptracker #health #fitness #diy via Instagram https://ift.tt/2H8LELH

Walking down the hill

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For Chinese, I have managed to achieve my goal to an extent but could always make some more room for some improvement. On one hand I have improved my Chinese reading and writing character skills, however, I know that there are still more out there to learn so if I keep on practising and learning new words I can keep on expanding my goal!

Chinese blog post unit 2

Personally, although a lot of the topics we learned this unit was some once learned before, I still felt I gained a lot of knowledge about those communicational methods in Chinese terms, and leaning to communicating it in Chinese and display it or understand it in different forms. However, although I felt like I was able to understand and gain a lot of knowledge about our unit. I didn’t feel the format methods used to do the testing or homework, displayed my full understanding to the best.

A lot of the tests given throughout the unit, although not intended, required my hand to physically write the Chinese characters to answer the questions, when the original point of the test was to test my understanding of listening Although I knew what I wanted to say and the points I’d like to answer, being made to write it with my handmade it difficult, therefore, not enabling me to demonstrate the knowledge I’ve learned. To improve this aspect I would suggest using digital methods as we are not limited in the ways we can demonstrate our knowledge such as using ping young where we’d still have to recognise the characters, or through voice recording. Another method of testing I would have found more effective would be having more summative that were take-home projects, instead of being limited to a time constraint in a classroom, as everyone working habits are different, and some people are actually able to demonstrate and show their understanding when the situation isn’t in an olden test format but instead a take-home project or investigation that could help determine a grade. A formative assignment I thought worked with this certain “type” of test form I’d like to counter doing, was our personal inquiry about a place in China. In this project I felt allowed me to take the initiative to research about something I was actually inerting in, and formulate my own opinions on it as I analyzed it, then choose the form of presenting I felt was most suitable for me, matching the IB methods.

Hainan CAS Reflection

It has come to the end of our CAS Week trip to Hainan. Personally, I found this trip very enjoyable. My highlight activity of the trip was surfing because I’ve already done some surfing before and doing it again was fun. I was also able to improve on it and build on my water sports skills. The second activity I really enjoyed would be raft building, I like this activity as we got to tie knots and use our knot tying skills which I liked, we also got to create our own draft and have our own race on the water.Although one part of our raft kinda fell apart in the water, it was still an experience and fun activity.

Service and more globally interacted wise, although, in Hainan as the first and new trip of this year, we didn’t’ really have a service component. However, there were still some things as a citizen you can by yourself to be more solely aware. On the first day of my trip while having to do a pre-trip entry I decided to cross out all the questions there and build the travel journal myself. I decided to choose a question I wanted to inquire during my time on the trip and I made the research question of “Are the children in Hainan that different from us nonetheless of coming from different environment and culture background.” Some parts I considered on how to identify the similarities between us although we had some differences such as our origins, religion, social groups, race, political beliefs.  There were other similarities between us that aren’t always that obvious such as the games we play, or the way they interact with each other. The way I was able to identify and analyse these differences was by observing during the trip. Each day I would document a key moment in my pre-trip journal about the children that I saw while in the local areas of Hainan.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that although they were certainly some differences between the local children of Hainan as well as us I was able to see some similarities that maybe I wouldn’t have thought of before. At the end of the trip, my perspective was also changed on how much exposure we got to the Hainan culture and local community, as at the start of the trip I felt that there wouldn’t be as much interaction between us and the local community since we were mainly staying in a hotel then going directly to the activity resort. However, at the end of the trip, I realised maybe we did get some interaction with the local community and culture. During our walks to the restaurant or stays in the area, I was able to see some of the local kids and see how they interacted/reacted or works with each other and through all that I was able to answer my research question building my own purpose for the Hainan trip.

Process Journal Question #1 (Music)

In music class we had to perform song #57, we then got some feedback later on about it.  Mine said, “What are the benefits of having good BREATH SUPPORT, and what can you do to develop it?” This means I should work on my breath support while playing the flute, as right now it isn’t very good, which causes me to take quick breaths between every other note, which isn’t good when trying to hold a long note or continuous beat. A way I could improve this is by going through my note scales, and holding each note as I go as long as possible. This will help me build up my stomach muscles thus allowing me to hold my breath longer allowing me to have more control over my breath support  while playing.

Match me if you can!

  1. In music class we started using a program called Finale notepad. This is basically an application where you are able to create music by adding a note on a scale they give you. We had a task and they gave us a sheet of music called “Match me if you can” We then had to make another sheet and match it! (Never would have guessed right?!) Personally I found it quite fun, since it was easier to make music on a computer than with paper because we wouldn’t have to spend time drawing the line and getting the exact note. Although it was better I have to admit at first It was sort of hard to control since you had to click the exact line when inserting a note, and sometimes my mouse would just click a line above or below by mistake! In the end I got the hang of it and finished making my “Match me if you can” Here it is….Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.01.33 am
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