Keep it clean don’t play mean

Music methond 2

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B Flat Scale

This is my B flat scale. I feel like I could Really use some improvements on the scales because I sometimes find holding the notes long hard. Also to practice and record It a few days before our assignment was due…Anyways here it is 🙂

Name the notes

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G7 Flute Prezentation

In music class we had to do a presentation about the care and history of our instrument (mine is the flute.) This is our link

What went well?

I think our group spoke and communicated with the audiece well. We didn’t forget our lines and went smoothly.

How did you interact with your group? Was there an equal division of work?

Yes we made a document and we each resherched on all the topics, then we choses the best main points out of the 4 of us and put it in our finall presentation.

What aspects of your presentation would you improve if you had to do this again?

I think next time I’d use more real life examples. Like playing a note also we didn’t add in how our insturment affected the enviorment witch is quite an importent aspect so I’d add that.

What presentations did you enjoy most and why?

I enjoyed the history of it because I found how the flute were orginated fairly instresting…

How can you improve for the next presentation?

Next presentation I would add more info that wasn’t just the questions we were given. Also add instering facts and stories about the flute instead of just plain facts.

Did you learn anything from your work that you need to keep with you during the year?

I learnt the power of collaprating togather in a group. I also learn how to take proper care of the flute keeping it clean and nice. Lastly doing this presentation has expanded my knowledge on both my insturmnet and the subjiect mucic!

The presentation was fun and I learnt plenty but you can learn a lot just from resherach but not as much as actual playing (which we’ll hopefully start next lesson).




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