This was our 2nd Design day of Grade 8, the task we are studying is making boxes for an object. We got to learn about the importance when making a box and even got to create our own box. This is the one I made…Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.15.39 AM

I was able to make this without using any adhesives, I did this by folding paper over each other until it was a frustum shape. After creating this we thought of possible ways we could improve our design and I thought of perhaps a design with a sturdy base with a cylinder lid and base would be better as then it could balance on a flat surface and wouldn’t tip over while still using the least amount of material being environmental and economical. I did more research and thought of another design option would be If I just changed the whole box to be a cuboid, that would allow it to be transported/placed on 6 sides as well as being easy store. However, after thinking it over looking at different shaped boxes, I came across the hemisphere would be the best design as the object, in this case, was a muffin and a hemisphere box shape fits perfectly over this, while still being environmental and economical (as hemisphere has a small surface area). However, due to the given material of paper, this shaped box would be harder to construct.

After that, we looked at some existing boxes. I looked at the box of an iPad Air.boxScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.13.46 AM

I analyzed it and found how modernly designed this was boxed to look, and even the inside was made to hold the items inside. However, I found there were some environmental problems with it. The plastic inside was made out of a specific type of plastic which is “recycle”. However, this is only “recycled” if anyone physically brings it to one of those recycle places where they can remake it into something new. If not it would not be unable to decompose itself thus not working to its environmental friendly purpose. I also discovered that although the width and length were designed to fit perfectly on the iPad product, the height wasn’t. I thought of some changes I could make (refer to my design journal for more detail.) which would be if they took out plastic mold and redesign the added devices (such as plug, by folding in the metal stick outs) This would reduce both the height of the box thus using less material making the box more economical and environmental. These findings will help me build a better box as it will  make me think about how the box-sizing (surface area and volume) can affect how environmentally friendly and economical it is. To help reduce your carbon footprint we can think of ways to limit the surface area of an object using different shapes/tabs and maybe even cut out windows, thus using less material while displaying the containg objiects. I can also consider the materials I”m using and weather it is the best. In addition, I can also consider the objiect the box is suppose to be containing and weather the box should be design to be reused and store the objiect again (example Jenga block box) or if it only has a one time use where the objiect isn’t put back (example shoe box).