1. In music class we started using a program called Finale notepad. This is basically an application where you are able to create music by adding a note on a scale they give you. We had a task and they gave us a sheet of music called “Match me if you can” We then had to make another sheet and match it! (Never would have guessed right?!) Personally I found it quite fun, since it was easier to make music on a computer than with paper because we wouldn’t have to spend time drawing the line and getting the exact note. Although it was better I have to admit at first It was sort of hard to control since you had to click the exact line when inserting a note, and sometimes my mouse would just click a line above or below by mistake! In the end I got the hang of it and finished making my “Match me if you can” Here it is….Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.01.33 am