Service as Action – Update !

24 Oct , 2018  

 Considering the 7 outcomes of service learning : 

So far I have done Kids4Kids, Lilypad, and Respect, which all focus on teaching kids from different communities. Kids4Kids teaches local school children English whilst Respect does the same with Filipino refugees. And Lilypad helps grade 2 kids at CDNIS with their reading comprehension skills and interaction with their classmates. Being with these diverse groups of children throughout the school years have taught me what strengths I have and improvements I need to make. For example, I am good at connecting with the kids by being really friendly and lowering myself to their social and class level as it makes them feel more comfortable with me, a giant. Nonetheless, an improvement I could make is to be less lax with the kids since they may use that to their advantage and disobey me. Additionally, the diversity of kids I deal with, like the refugees, teach me more about global issues and make me empathize more towards their circumstances. They also taught me to collaborate well with others and share my position, because I have to teach the kids with other students sometimes. Although I try to go to as many sessions as I can, it does not always work out because of the extensive homework I prioritize sometimes. Over the ongoing school year, I will persevere and try my best to attend as many meetings as possible, with regards to balancing it with my schedule. 

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