Design Trimester 1 Crit. C – The Creative Process of My Company (RISE)

12 Nov , 2017  

Before //

I used to think that creating brands and video ideas to produce for ads were quite easy. I mean, a company with production teams and people to help makes it seem like video production could be done and edited in an hour. I was wrong, but perhaps this is because there were only 2 people on the production team (Kelly and I) and only 1 editor, which was me.

Branding //

Branding was the process I had to do for the company, like creating the name, logo, slogan, purpose… etc. I found this process quite relaxed and spread out because I already had an idea of what my company would be before, this was just a reinforcement and a documentation of that where I also edited some final idea and thoughts. I had around 5 logos in mind, I picked the sun looking logo that looked elegant and content because the logo would affect the way people perceive my company. Also, the mood and feeling of the logo come off and onto the audience, affecting the audience’s feeling towards the company and in general, just learning.

Video Production //

This process related to the planning, filming, and editing of the video. Which is much harder than the branding process because I had to plan times to film with my actors and actresses, physically find places to film and get permission to film the different scenes in those areas within the time the actors can provide for me. As well as adapting to a completely new editing software to edit the exact amount of 30 seconds of video and to, later on, combine everything in a different software where the music, voiceovers, and transitions come into play. The editing was by far the hardest part of Criterion C because of all the bumps I stumbled upon, as a newbie to Photoshop. I had only used Photoshop before to create my logo, so the new concepts of timelines and layers confused me a lot, I had to get extra help from friends and online videos to get through the first few panels of the 30 seconds. Looking back, I think that filming was the most fun because I got to stay after school and work with a very professional actor, Darren Shu, who just so happens to be Kelly’s brother. I had never filmed with someone younger than 10 years old, and it was surprisingly easy because he was obedient and he also has a sense of spontaneity because I don’t think I constrained him with the directions too much.

After //

Now I think that I have learned a lot more about time management and Photoshop. Time management because this year’s design was a lot less handheld, meaning that I had to plan out my time and do most of my tasks without a teacher’s guidance and class checks. I had to understand what needed to be done at what time and I had to keep the due dates in mind because that would motivate me not to procrastinate. My editing experiences with this project will help me when I use Photoshop again because of all of the basic skills and concepts I’ve learned. The branding did not help that much because it was all just more intense repetition of what I already knew. Although, the branding did have it’s pros like giving me more practise with thinking of ideas quickly. We also got to work with taglines, which we did not use for all the other branding activities, which is cool because it was like a new concept/idea that I had to adapt to.

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