Hong Kong Heritage Documentary- Tin Hau Temple


I think that my documentary meets the project specifications well, however I don’t think that the movie answers the question “Is the built environment an important part of culture” very well. I think that our storyline partially answered the question, but we could have gone deeper into that concept. Something I think we did well that meets the project expectations is giving information about the site in the present and the past. For example, when we did a voiceover about the Tin Hau Goddess, and interviewing a worker on what the site is used for now.  I think that some improvements we could make to our movie is the audio because there were some construction and people talking in the background noise. Another improvement we could make to our documentary is to not look at the camera, instead, we should face each other more when we are talking to each other to make our documentary more realistic. 


I think that my attitude towards the making of our documentary was good because I always participated and contributed my ideas to my group members. I also communicated with my group members on new elements for our documentary such as our voiceover because our documentary lacked some background information. I also think that my time management was very good because I was able to submit the documentary on time (before Tuesday), and I also met everything that I needed to in my action plan. I also think that my time management was good on design day because we had to make sure we were able to record all the footage we had to before it was time to leave, but making sure it was good quality. Sometimes we had to rush, or else we wouldn’t finish in time, so some clips were not as good quality as we thought.


Participation- 5/8

I think that I have progressed a little bit more throughout this project with sharing my ideas and giving feedback with my group members. Every time I finished a task on the documentary, I asked my group members for feedback and what/how I could improve.

Collaborating/Communicating: 6/8

I think that I have really improved on collaborating during this project. I have started to work and talk with my group members more, instead of all of us just doing our individual tasks and not communicating to each other. I think that we all worked together, and we all had an equal share of work in our documentary.

Making an effort- 5/8

I think that I put in good effort during the filming of this documentary when we were a little bit behind. I made an effort so that we could catch up to the other groups, but still have a good quality and effective documentary.

Time Management- 6/8

I think that I did well in time management during the making of our documentary because nothing was handed in late or last minute, and I left myself time to carefully go over my work for mistakes instead of rushing to do it.


Approaches to Learning- Design

  1. Write an overall evaluation of your logo (max 100 words) that answers, with evidence from viewer feedback:


How well does your personal logo demonstrate CARP and principles of effective logo design?
I think that my logo demonstrates the CARP design principles and the principles of effective logo design well because when I thought deeply about how I could use all of these logo design principles to create one effective logo before I created my final product. My logo uses contrasts in its colours: the blue and purple contrasting, with the green colour that stands out. Secondly, my logo uses Alignment when I tried to make my M look unique and turn it sideways.  Next, my logo uses repetition in font where I used the font on the bottom right corner of my A as well as M. Lastly, my logo has proximity in spacing with my letters (A and M).


What improvements would you make to your logo?
I think I could overall make it a little bit neater with colouring and creating my lines, some parts of my logo looked sloppy and I couldn’t tell until I printed my logo.


  1. Write an overall evaluation of your personal performance (max. 100 words). This reflection should refer to your attitudes toward learning.


I think I have a good attitude towards learning. If I don’t understand something or I don’t know how to use something, I would either look it up online, ask friends or classmates, or just ask the teacher. This time due dates were very important because I had to go to Bangkok for a swim meet, and I made sure that I would work on it while I was there. I understood that there was a due date for my criteria D, and I had to manage my time wisely so that I could have fun, but still have time to work on it alone.

Approaches to Learning

Participation: 6

I would give myself a 6, because I had to leave a design class early to go to a swim meet. While at the swim meet, whenever I had the time, I would go on my computer and work on my logo. I was on task when creating my logo, because I never knew the next time I would be able to work on it.

Collaborating/Communicating: 5

I worked well with my classmates. I usually asked them for feedback and important decisions, and to read over some of my work.

Making an Effort: 5

I usually think about how to improve my work, and ask either my family members or my friends/classmates of how I could improve as well.

Time Management: 7

I tried my best to make all deadlines for the criteria, and I organised my time very well when I was in Bangkok and at home. I would usually take 30 minutes to work on my design homework everyday.