My Educational App

What I Have Learned through Research and Investigation

Some of the things I have learned about creating a good app through research is that an app has to:

  • Be visually appealing: No one wants to use an app that is unappealing, no matter how useful it is
  • Have no bugs or crashes: This is important because I learned that if the creator of the app does not test the app to every condition, the users will, and you want to find your mistakes before they do.
  • Be stable and fast: I learned that an app that is not stable or fast is not worth using to the audience because they don’t want to use an app that takes too long to start up or use
  • Unique: I found out that a unique app is extremely important if you want to create a successful app. Apps such as calculator or flashlight apps don’t stand out because there are many other ones on the app store.
  • Simple: A simple app that doesn’t have too many functions is important. You should only add functions that are a necessity.
  • Easy to Navigate: I learned that an app that is easy to navigate is extremely important, meaning that it shouldn’t take very long for the audience to understand how to use it.

All of this information that I learned through my research is important in creating the app for my client because it has taught me vital information on how to create a good app, how successful apps are created, and how to create an app that people will want to use.

One thought on “My Educational App

  1. I like how all of the information is very clear, and I am able to easily understand and comprehend everything that you have achieved in class.
    I wish that you had maybe added a little more detail about each topic.
    What if next time you added more detail to the post, and maybe also gave a brief introduction. If I weren’t in your class, I might be very confused!

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