Waste Not, Want Not

Muffin Package

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Deconstructed iPad Air Package

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Today I made one box, which was for a muffin and I decided to create a cylinder shaped one. I was inspired by a box I found on Pinterest but modified it to make it look original. However, this was not a good choice because the package was not sturdy and used a significant amount of adhesive. Making this box did not help me very much with my “things to learn” inquiries, but I learned what not to do when making my package. Next, my group and I examined an iPad Air package. In this activity we learned how to examine different packaging and critique it (how to improve, what was done well, and what could be added next time). This will help me examine my own packaging so I know it meets all the requirements.

Through my research and investigation, I found the importance of sturdy, appealing, and environmentally friendly packaging. I’ve learned how to make different styles of packaging and how to build them without using too many resources (paper, adhesive, etc). This research will help me make a better packaging product because it will ensure that I have made a package that suits all the requirements and that I am aware of the amount of resources I am using. From this, I have also learned how to examine a package and critique it so I can do the same for my package. The use of geometry can help reduce our carbon footprint by knowing how much volume or surface area of the packaging is not needed or useful, and it allows us to calculate the best sized package for a certain object. From this, less packaging would be used, and it will reduce our carbon footprint.

3 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not

  1. I like that you wrote down your after thoughts on your package as it is very important (in design, at least) to reflect and see what you can improve on. I wish that you would’ve elaborated a little bit more on what exactly you learned from the research and investigating so that I could gain information from you.
    What if you added in content on the muffin dimensions and the dimensions of your package so that I would know how you took those dimensions (muffin) into consideration.

    Overall, I think that this was a very good and reflective post.

    Chloe Wong

  2. I like how you added pictures of both tasks.
    I wish you had a tiny bit more detail about each requirement for a box.
    What if you added a bit more detail, and also reflected more about the overall design day and how you think it went.

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