Line 100 Responding Crit D

1.  Discuss your rehearsal process from when you practiced the song for the first time until recording it. (Consider the following:  With what frequency did you practice? How many minutes did you practice each time?  Did you play through beginning to end or isolate parts of the song?  Did you practice at different tempos?  etc. )

I practiced the song for 3 days for around half an hour everyday. At first, I started practicing without the metronome, and then as I got familiar with the notes I started at 90bpm. From there, I went to 93, and then to 96. Most of the time, I would play through the whole song unless I continued making mistakes in one measure, then I would go over and keep practicing that measure until I was comfortable with playing it at 96bpm. It took me 15 minutes to get a good recording of the song because I had practiced before and I was already fluent at playing the song.

2.  Was this assessment more challenging than you expected, at an appropriate level for you, or too easy?

I think that this assessment was at an appropriate level for me because it was challenging but I was still able to do it.

3.  What did you learn about the rehearsal process?

I learned to take breaks every few minutes because I need the build up in muscle in my mouth to play for a very long time with correct tone. If I did not take a break, I think my recording would not sound as good, and the quality of my notes would not be very good. I learned this from my family members who would listen to me practicing the song, and then getting frustrated when the notes were not coming out correctly and my embouchure was getting loose.

4.  Were you satisfied with your performance?  Why or why not?

I was pretty satisfied with my performance because I put a lot of time and effort into it, and although it was not my best performance, I am still happy with how it turned out.

5.  What did you learn about yourself as a developing musician?

I learned that I should practice the songs more at home instead of practicing right before the summative so that my recording’s for the summative will be better because I had practiced it before.

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