May Results Reflection

I think that I have grown a lot over the year in music, in performing and understanding different music concepts. I think that my performance has improved a lot over the year: beat and rhythm, note accuracy, etc. Hopefully next year I can improve a lot more than I did this year, because I would like to continue doing music in the future. Some concepts that I think I have mostly improved this year is articulation and rhythm accuracy. I think that articulation is something that I have definitely improved on because I had no idea what articulation was last year, or how it affects the music, but this year I know what it is, how to use it, etc. I also think that I have improved rhythm accuracy because during the practical tests in April, I could find my strength and weaknesses such as: my abilities such as how fast or slow I can play, how much time I should practice everyday, how to practice, and especially keeping up with the beat and rhythm because I thought it was a very difficult piece. Some things that I think I should improve for next year is listening to myself play to include more expression in my performance and set goals for myself, instead of just constantly practicing. I think that I have improved my theory understanding from the beginning of the year, such as: key signatures, scales, note duration, and majors. I think I could improve my theory results next year by double checking answers, and looking over careless mistakes while studying. Overall, I am very proud of my progress this year, and I hope to improve even more next year.

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