Blues Solo Composition Reflection

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When I posted my first draft of my composition I got feedback from my peers to help me improve. The main part of my solo that I needed to improve was that there were simply not enough rests in my composition. It sounded like the composition was never ending and I thought it lacked some style. I then improved the composition by adding a couple more rests in, and I think that I’m happier with it.

Some areas of improvement in my composition was the repetition. In the last few measures it sounds boring because of the repeated measures, and there was nothing that stood out to give it more style. The beginning was more interesting than in the end because it had a unique rhythm, but it didn’t sound as interesting in the end because of the repeated notes and rhythm.

Next time, I would make the rhythm a little bit more interesting and unique than it was. I think I could’ve made it a little bit better than I did if I put more effort into it. I feel that some notes were repeated too frequently, and it was something that I did not like very much in my composition.

The overall unit has taught me so much about blues music, from the notes to the rhythms to the scale, and hopefully next time I will make a new and improved composition that I am more proud of.



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