Approaches to Learning- Design

  1. Write an overall evaluation of your logo (max 100 words) that answers, with evidence from viewer feedback:


How well does your personal logo demonstrate CARP and principles of effective logo design?
I think that my logo demonstrates the CARP design principles and the principles of effective logo design well because when I thought deeply about how I could use all of these logo design principles to create one effective logo before I created my final product. My logo uses contrasts in its colours: the blue and purple contrasting, with the green colour that stands out. Secondly, my logo uses Alignment when I tried to make my M look unique and turn it sideways.  Next, my logo uses repetition in font where I used the font on the bottom right corner of my A as well as M. Lastly, my logo has proximity in spacing with my letters (A and M).


What improvements would you make to your logo?
I think I could overall make it a little bit neater with colouring and creating my lines, some parts of my logo looked sloppy and I couldn’t tell until I printed my logo.


  1. Write an overall evaluation of your personal performance (max. 100 words). This reflection should refer to your attitudes toward learning.


I think I have a good attitude towards learning. If I don’t understand something or I don’t know how to use something, I would either look it up online, ask friends or classmates, or just ask the teacher. This time due dates were very important because I had to go to Bangkok for a swim meet, and I made sure that I would work on it while I was there. I understood that there was a due date for my criteria D, and I had to manage my time wisely so that I could have fun, but still have time to work on it alone.

Approaches to Learning

Participation: 6

I would give myself a 6, because I had to leave a design class early to go to a swim meet. While at the swim meet, whenever I had the time, I would go on my computer and work on my logo. I was on task when creating my logo, because I never knew the next time I would be able to work on it.

Collaborating/Communicating: 5

I worked well with my classmates. I usually asked them for feedback and important decisions, and to read over some of my work.

Making an Effort: 5

I usually think about how to improve my work, and ask either my family members or my friends/classmates of how I could improve as well.

Time Management: 7

I tried my best to make all deadlines for the criteria, and I organised my time very well when I was in Bangkok and at home. I would usually take 30 minutes to work on my design homework everyday.

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