Term 1- Theory Test and Practical Test

Performance in the Practical Test

While practicing for the practicle test, I would record myself either on my phone or computer or perform in front of my family members and ask for feedback. When I record myself, I listen to things that I need to improve and how I can improve it. When performing the practical test piece in front my family members, it was difficult to get constructive feedback because they don’t know what to look for when I am playing. I believe that recording myself and listening to myself play was the most effective method to practice for me. I practiced this piece a lot. Before the test, I practiced with some classmates who also gave me some feedback on my playing. When I actually performed the final piece in front of Ms. Lovett, I think that I got a little bit nervous and I didn’t feel very confident when playing. I am happy that I received a 5, however next time I think I should practice more and use a different method to improve.

When playing, I believe that my notes were accurate and my rhythm was usually fine and on beat. My tone was usually controlled and focused. I need more improvement in my articulation because I didn’t do slurring sometimes during the performance and I did not tongue notes at all. I also need improvement in my breathing because I was a little bit nervous and did not breath on breath marks. My dynamics were sometimes ok, however there is still room for improvement in that area as well. My navigation in the performance was accurate and my posture was fine during the performance.

Understanding of Theory Concepts

I studied a lot to prepare for my theory concepts, using methods Ms. Lovett has shown us. I am very happy with my grade because I worked hard on developing my theory skills and practicing with worksheets Ms. Lovett had provided us. The worksheets has really provided me the chance to improve on theory, because I was struggling with theory concepts last year as well. I am now confident with doing tones, semitones, and key majors. In my next theory test, I would like to be more careful and check over my work more carefully to be sure that I didn’t make a mistake because after I received my theory test, I realised that my mistakes were very careless, and I didn’t carefully check over my work after completing the test.

Personal Development

Overall, I believe I have improved tons this year. I have improved my understanding of theory concepts, and playing. This term, I am very happy with my results, however there is still a lot of room for improvement in a few concepts. This term I developed understanding of musical concepts such as: rhythm accuracy, dynamics, tempo, articulation, etc. I have also developed skills in theory concepts such as understanding what tones, semitones, and major keys are, and how to use them. I am very happy with how much I have developed this year.


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