Grade 7 Service Day- Feeding Hong Kong

On service day, we went to the Feeding Hong Kong headquarters in Kowloon. Before heading out, we organised and sorted all the food that was donated around the school as well as making christmas cards that will be sent with food baskets.

How did I become more aware of my strengths and areas for growth?

I used my creativity to make christmas cards that would be sent out with the food baskets to families that can’t afford 3 meals a day.


How did I undertake challenges that developed new skills?

I made christmas cards that developed my creativity skills.

How did I work collaboratively with others?

I worked with my friends to make christmas cards.

How do I consider the ethical implications of your actions?

This will make a big difference to Feeding Hong Kong because the food that was donated could feed many families. The food donated will run out, but Feeding Hong Kong has sponsors that help to donate food/leftovers as well.JPEG ImageJPEG Image

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