Puyi Comic

When creating my Puyi Comic, I learned a lot about using Comiclife and different tools.

When I created my comic, I learned how to use captions in Comiclife to briefly explain my information about Puyi’s life. I also learned how to do titles in my comic, making it bigger, making it go in different angles, and how to change the colour/font. Another thing I learned is how to use speech bubbles. Obviously that is the most important part in a comic, so I learned how to make the text bigger, and how to add stems from the bubble so it looks like more than one person is talking. Lastly, I learned how to add frames in my comic, so I can organise it however I would like, and how to change the sizes to add pictures.

In conclusion, I learned a lot about ComicLife during the making of my summative, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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