First Design Day- CDNIS Logo

Photo on 9-10-15 at 1.52 pmWhat did you learn today about design and logo?

I learned what makes a logo overall good. For example, for a logo, you need to make it simple, something that people can remember, and represents what you’re doing your logo about. The picture above is my first draft of my CDNIS logo, which I will later do on Adobe Illustrator.

How did you learn today?

I learned by taking all the concepts that Mr. Larson was teaching us about, and put it all into my logo. I also learned by working together with my friends, and asking them for their opinion on my work, and how I could improve. If I was having difficulties, I would ask some of my friends for help, and return the favour later on.

What did you learn about yourself and who are you using the MYP learner profile as a guide?

Today I learned that I need to think outside of the box more, so that my ideas can be more creative. I think that today I was reflective because today I realised that I was good, and bad at some things, and that some people may or may not be better than me at some activities.


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