Blues Solo Composition- First Draft.

In music, we’ve been learning how to play some blues songs and learned about composition as well as cord progression. For our summative assessment, we were tasked with creating our own blues solo. Here’s the first draft of mine, please leave a comment on what you think. Thanks!


Here’s the PDF for all those music readers! Blues Solo Composition


  1. Hola Anjaliniiiiii
    I like your solo! You might want to make the notes at the end a little longer, because it doesn’t really sound like it ended.

    Can you please comment on my blog?

    Maia 🙂

  2. Hey Anjali!

    I really liked your solo, the notes and the rhythm were catchy. One piece of advice is to make the song sound more finished at the end, maybe using a 2 beat note. Thanks!


  3. Hiya childddd

    I really like your solo, yayyyyyy (good job!!). The one piece of negative feedback that I can find to give is that same given to you by the person above; fix the ending!! It does end a lot like how the other bars in the song have ended, which makes it sound like the song is going to continue.


  4. I think that you have done a fantastic job with this composition. You have used repetition very well by switching the chords. Only place for improvement, the ending was a bit abrupt. Apart from that, great job!!

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