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Jazz Composition Final

Jazz Composition   Reflection: In the final, I decided to change some of the melody as I felt that it wasn’t jazzy enough. I decided to use more syncopation and dotted rhythms to make it sound more jazz. I also decided to add more dynamic and articulation markings so that my composition will sound more

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Jazz Composition Draft

Jazz Composition In this draft, I tried to follow the instructions that were given to us. This is because the instructions are fairly different to the ones we normally do. This is because in the past 3 years we have been composing mainly classical music but now we will have to follow chords given to

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Ternary Final

    Reflection: After getting feedback from my draft I decided to change some of the chords in section B as they clashed with the melody. Part of the melody also had to be changed in order to fit with the chords so that the piece will sound harmonized and the melody and chords sound

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Terenary Draft

  Reflection: The purpose of creating a ternary draft was to explore ways to creating a good section to compliment the A section that was created. I decided to create accelerando in phase 2 of B section as I wanted to create some tension and create a feeling as if it was a summer storm.

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8 Bar Melody Final

  8 Bar Melody Final Changes Made: I decided to change the notation in bar 3 from dotted quaver and 16th notes for the 2nd and 3rd notes to both being quaver notes. This is because it relates back to the melody introduced in bar 1 and keeps it identical so is more memorable for

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8 Bar Melody Draft

Title.mus Reflection: I think I did okay in the composition as I followed the requirements of the 8 bar melody as Phrase 1 ended on an imperfect cadence as the last chord in bar 4 is a V chord. I also ended the piece in a tonic chord which is part of the requirements and

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8 Bar Melody Gr.8

  Do you have a combination of conjunct and disjunct motion? Yes. If there are any large intervals (larger than a jump of five different letter names), have you changed direction by step? Yes from bar 3 to 4 Does the melody have an appropriate range? Yes. The flute is from middle F to High

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