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Jazz Composition Final

Jazz Composition   Reflection: In the final, I decided to change some of the melody as I felt that it wasn’t jazzy enough. I decided to use more syncopation and dotted rhythms to make it sound more jazz. I also decided to add more dynamic and articulation markings so that my composition will sound more

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Ternary Final

    Reflection: After getting feedback from my draft I decided to change some of the chords in section B as they clashed with the melody. Part of the melody also had to be changed in order to fit with the chords so that the piece will sound harmonized and the melody and chords sound

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Terenary Draft

  Reflection: The purpose of creating a ternary draft was to explore ways to creating a good section to compliment the A section that was created. I decided to create accelerando in phase 2 of B section as I wanted to create some tension and create a feeling as if it was a summer storm.

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Intervals Responding

For class we had to present our ePubs about Intervals. In the ePub I think we did well in describing what an interval is. This is because we explained what interval were and how they were used in music. I also feel that we did well in using different types of media to describe intervals

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8 Bar Melody Gr.8

  Do you have a combination of conjunct and disjunct motion? Yes. If there are any large intervals (larger than a jump of five different letter names), have you changed direction by step? Yes from bar 3 to 4 Does the melody have an appropriate range? Yes. The flute is from middle F to High

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8 Bar Rhythm

Does it finish on a long note? My piece of music finished on a half note so I ended on a long note.   Are the phrases balanced? My phrases are balanced as the phrases are by 2.   Is there variety? There is variety as not all of my bars are exact copies of

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Greatest Song Ever

What did you learn about Finale? I learned that you can easily make or copy music and that you can listen to it. I also learned that Finale offers a variety of musical instruments to choose from. Did you find Finale easy to use? I found Finale is easy to use as all the tools

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