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Waste Not Want Not

Photos of our packaging:             This was the photos of us packaging our apple. It’s good packaging as it was easy to open as we show where you needed to open it from. The packaging is also pretty secure and won’t fall apart. The content is also fairly obvious as

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ATL Breast Cancer

I stayed on task and always worked on my Design whenever we were in science. Also whenever I encountered a problem with iBooks  or question I had for the Criterion I would ask my classmates and Mr. Larson.I also talked with my teammates to see how far they have gotten with my work. I also

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Design HKH Reflection

I think I did well as we completed most of the design specifications. The one we had the most trouble doing is finding a high resolution photo of the Chi Lin Nunnery as after spending a long time searching on the internet split between 3 people we still couldn’t find it. I think I would

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HKH Movie

Chi Lin Nunnery 7E Ethan, Megan, Syl from Ethan on Vimeo. The above is my video our group  made. Please leave a comment on what you think.

Design Day

CDNIS History Movie Syl, Ethan Megan 7E from Ethan on Vimeo.   The video above was a documentary we created during design day. My participation was satisfactory as I didn’t raise my hand to ask questions. My collaboration was good as all of our group members worked on the documentary. My effort was good as

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My Logo Design

  Today I made a new logo using Photoshop. Photoshop was sometimes hard but after a while I could use it with ease.  This logo is about me as a learner. Please give me feedback on how the logo looks with I like.. I wish.. What if…

Art of Persuasion- Planning Post

Question: How can I apply the design process to create a personal logo? I can apply the Design Process as I can create multiple logos under “Developing Ideas”. I can also inquire and analyze what a logo is and what makes a good logo. “Evaluating” what makes a good logo can also help me make

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