Service As Action – Grade 10

This post would be focused on my most recent service action which was me volunteering to numerous cookouts and serving to refugees.

1. I think I was more aware of my strengths of collaborating when I would go to the cookouts with other students and my peers. This was when we would usually prepare vegetables and chop chicken into pieces. I found this strength when we would efficiently prepare the food which improved time efficiency which allowed us to meet the deadline of lunchtime, which was when we would serve to the refugees. However from these experience, I realised that I need to improve planning and communication from these events as my communication with other team members could sometimes be lacking.

2. I think I undertook challenges of culinary cooking, as this was my first time actually preparing food in the kitchen, these events allowed me to further develop my culinary experience of cooking with vegetables and meat, while still being able to serve a community. From the multiple cookouts that I have attended, in the photo, it was one of the cookouts where I prepared vegetables and cut them.

3. I discussed, evaluated and planned student initiated activities by going to the Cooking for a Cause meeting usually every Thursday during lunch time. This was when we would usually coordinate what we should cook for the refugees in the next cookout. Also we would also plan bake sales to fund our cookout and usually plan which shifts we need to take and who should bring what.

4. I think I persevered in action in one of the incidents that happened during one of the cookouts. In one incident, due to poor planning, there was a mix up between who was booked to cook for refugees. Ultimately we were unable to serve food to the refugees and that the other group had priority. But we persevered and accommodated the refugees as best to our ability by allowing the other group to serve our food that we prepared (chopped vegetables and marinated chicken) which allowed us to persevere our actions.

5. I worked collaboratively with others wheScreen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.01.40 AMn I helped out with making and preparing the food to serve to refugees. In the photo below, it shows my peers and I collaboratively preparing food. This shows that I worked collaboratively with others in order to strive an achievable goal against a deadline of lunchtime which is when we serve to the refugees.

6. I think I developed international-mindedness through global engagement and intercultural understanding by volunteering at Cooking for a Cause. From this academic year, I have went to numerous cookouts for refugees, hosted by Cooking for a Cause. This has allowed me to develop international mindedness through engagement of learning about some of the refugees and as well as helping them and helping the overall community of refugees. This has allowed me to see the impacts of other nations and conflicts and issues around the world by talking with some of the refugees.

7. I think i considered my ethical implications when I was debating whether to join Cooking for a Cause and to fully commit to going to cookouts. I thought that by going to these cookouts, I was able to help a community in need and is often looked down and oppressed. Since refugees are known to be one of the most impoverished and ignored communities in Hong Kong. After considering the ethical implications, I had committed effort into cooking and helping with these refugees throughout the academic year. Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.40.56 AM

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