Design Day T1 2015-2016

Today in design day, we started a new design cycle about English. Our goal was to create a graphic novel for a book called Empire of The Sun. The challenge was tois to interpret a scene from the book Empire of the Sun in visual form as a graphic novel. It should be original, visually appealing, add visual depth to the scene which you are representing and should implement graphic novel conventions effectively.  In order to create the graphic novel, we had to learn how to draw in Adobe Illustrator. Today I learned how to draw straight and curved lines. This can help me with my drawings of the graphic novels because the graphic novel is required to be electronic and using apps. Which Illustrator is the most recommended. I also learned how to use EverNote so I could show my progress to my teachers of how I progress my graphic novel. In the picture below, it showed what I did in Illustrator.


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.58.47 pm

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