Invitation to My Groups iBook for Gr. 5-6

When I was young, I enjoyed reading science books that have a lot of illustration and easy to understand the main idea or concept that I will learn from. Features like definitions from words that are more advance in the english vocabulary and with more pictures which may not be found in adult books is what I would like to read when I was young. The features would make the audience understand more especially with a younger audience. Some of the things that make the book interesting is to have more pictures, make it more interactive so the audience can do something else then reading. If the text is explaining an complex idea or conspiracy, I think that the author should have a vocabulary on the side of the page to define some advanced vocabulary for younger audience to fully understand the text. The reason why I’m explaining this is because in science, me my team consisting of two other people will create an iBook (electronic book) on a disease therefore inviting the Gr. 5-6 to read my iBook. Trying to make my iBook interesting and appealing and trying to make Gr.5-6 understand a disease.

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