Design Day #2

Today I have another Design Day, as you may recall I had a Design Day in the fall of last year and it was about english. This time, it’s about Humanities

and our project is to make a document about a historical Hong Kong building. But for design day, we were required to make a short video to save our school. In this fake scenario, the MTR ( Mass Transit Railway ) condemned this school because the rail was blocking the new line which was under construction.  So we needed to film a short documentary to save part of our school and why we should keep it. My group did a nature documentary as referring that the students and teachers are rare specimens. One of my strengths is being cooperative. What makes my video a great video is that the voice and background is mostly clear. You can mostly hear what the documentary is saying. Although what we could improve is the camera and the shooting, because the teachers ran out of portable cameras, we had to use our computers so some parts of the video, the shooting was that good. But overall, I think our group did a pretty good job under the time limits including the video time limit, because we had to make our video a or under a minute, it was quite troublesome because our original video was 1:27 long. But with editing, we shorted it down to 1:00, just under the limit.

If you want to see the video copy and paste the link:

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